Assembled Roving for SMC

Assembled Roving for SMC is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester resin, delivering good dispersion after chopping, low fuzz, fast wet out and low static. Its end use applications cover: • Automotive parts: bumper, rear cover box, car door, headliner; • Building & construction industry: SMC door, chair, sanitary ware, water tank, ceiling; • Electronic & electrical industry: a variety of parts. • In recreation industry: a variety of apparatus.
Assembled Roving 440 Excellent anti-static properties, Excellent flowability, Excellent mechanical properties, Good choppablility, Good wet-out
Assembled Roving 440A Excellent choppablility, Excellent dispersion, Excellent static control, Excellent strength of finished composite products
Assembled Roving 443 Good dispersion after chopping, Good roving stiffness, Good static control
Assembled Roving 448 Complete and fast wet-out, Good anti-static property, Good dispersion after chopping, Low springback of sheets, Outstanding mechanical properties
Assembled Roving 456 Excellent flowability in molding, Excellent wetting characteristics, Good dispersion after chopping, Good static control, Moderate springback of sheets
Assembled Roving 458A Complete strand wet-out, Excellent choppablility, Excellent static control, Fast and high sizing styrene solubility, Outstanding color consistency and UV resistance, Outstanding pigmentability and fiber whiteness, Smooth, shiny surface in finished molded parts